What Is Acceptable Here?

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What Is Acceptable Here?

Postby Admin » Sat Aug 24, 2013 12:16 am

Pretty much most erotic art is going to be JUST fine here.

But in saying that - this is for art only, not photography.
(And no, not saying that photography isn't art - merely making a distinction that this is not for any of the photographic or film mediums.)

Also, there will be a zero tolerance for anything that refers to underage children or beastiality. No judgement, just this will not be the space for those sorts of themes. Any snuff art will also likely not fare so well here.

It should be said as well that ANY type of art fraud will not be permitted here or tolerated. Period. We reserve the right to remove access for anyone deemed to be engaging in fraudulent practices, at our discretion.

Feel free to share your listings on spaces that do not care, but this space is meant for actual known and proven and established erotic artists that create their work so that the collectors coming here at least know that they will be receiving actual artwork that the artist created.

This is an adult only site. That being said - you will need to login to see the posts showing artwork. No way around that - as we need to do our part to limiting the ability for minors to stumble across it by accident.

This is a community that is very open and friendly. We are not highly competitive, as we believe there is more than enough business for everyone and therefore no need to scrabble like a madman for a customer.

This space will likely morph into an invite only space - in order to maintain some sort of even keel on things.

Feel free to post your listings on ANY site here - along with images if you like. Add in links to your sites and blogs and facebooks and twitters etc etc in your profiles and signatures.
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